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the authentic Italian dinner

11.11.16 - 07:00PM

It’s easy to find Italian food in any restaurant, but it’s almost impossible to find someone that can serve you an authentic dinner prepared as it should be done at home in Italy.

Cena brings you flavor, atmosphere and style—directly from Italy in a one night show.

Food & Booze

Preparing an authentic dinner is a very different process than the usual restaurant style cooking. To transcend the standard experience, Cena pairs our resident Italian cooks with accomplished chefs, working together in a commercial kitchen to bring you the quality and authenticity of Italian food using 100% organic ingredients.

Outside the kitchen, we also bring our own bartender in with a curated list of Italian cocktails to enhance your experience before, during, and after dinner.

Our resident mixologist Chris Allen will be using traditional Italian ingredients like Amaro, Grappa, Vermouth, and other Liquors to compliment the traditional Italian meal. Using local herbs and botanicals of the season, Chris will create a fusion of traditional Milano style cocktails with modern American classics to invent a truly unique pairing for each course. We didn’t want to provide the cocktail menu ahead of time as we wanted this to be an element of surprise and delight.

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There is no true Italian dinner without music, and nothing is better than having artists that fly directly from Italy to perform live for one night only in Boston.

Cena is excited to delight you with the sound of DJ Valerio Galli, and the outstanding acoustic performance of Nicola Mei.

Master of ceremony: Nicola Mei

Sound machine: Valerio Galli


Pastoral is a home, a restaurant, and a dream. Dedicated to food and its direct connection to celebration, community, and culture, we work to provide one of the few human experiences we all have in common: eating. At the table, we can open up our senses and share the experience of eating in Italy together.

For $5.00 Pastoral offers up to four hours of validated parking after 5:00 pm Monday through Friday at the Farnsworth Street Garage (down the street opposite of the restaurant front door).

Pastoral is located at 345 Congress St. in the Seaport District in Boston (MA) (view map).


The idea of Cena was born this summer in Tuscany while Giorgio was talking with Barbara and Nicola about the flavors and heritage of New England, and particularly Boston.

Boston is a great city to live in, but for a freshly relocated Italian it’s almost impossible to find an authentic Italian dinner in any restaurant. Even when the food is excellent, something is still missing. Even when it’s almost perfect, it’s not like Italy where every dinner is a celebration.

The ideal time for a dinner in Italy is the summer when everyone is happy and carefree. To bring that spirit from Italy’s summer to Boston’s cooler climate, Cena enhances the meal with live performances directly from Italy. Valerio and Nicola are two symbols of the free and easy feeling in the Italian summer, and they will play at Cena in November.

Even more, the week of the November 11th is known as the “Estate di San Martino” (also known as Indian Summer). Beyond the food and the music, the timing itself for Cena’s premiere in Boston as a way to directly import the true spirit of Italy’s summer dinners into the New England autumn night.